Madrid, 1984.

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Composer, improviser and guitar performer. He develops his creative work from sound-investigation and improvisation with "non-musical material" such as parasitic noises (Without, no-tune/no-tempo), toy instruments (Bunnies and bees, Nana), non- conventional instruments (Hidden, Wall of Fame, no-eco), non conventional spaces (Casa Tomada, Inmaterial Memoria)... These ones are used to develop new perceptive connections between instrument, performer and audience.

His works have been performed at the 47 Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Darmstadt, Unerhörte Musik (Berlin), Festival Teatro in Prossimità (Italy), Attacca Festival (Basel, Switzerland), Tage Neue Musik Weimar, KLANG Basel, II Festival Musica Experimental Sao Paulo (Brasil), Auditorio Nacional de Música de Madrid, Festival Mixtur, XXXI Festival Internacional de Segovia, VIII Ciclo de Música Contemporánea de Valladolid, XIII Ciclo de Música de Cámara RTVE, Mostra Sonora de Sueca, XIV Festival de Música Contemporánea de Córdoba, Festival Encuentros Sonoros de Sevilla, Encontre Internacional de Compositors... by performers as Taller Sonoro, Nou Ensemble, Smash Ensemble, Tamgram Project, Ensemble Drama!, Cuarteto Ex Corde, RTVE Choir, Miguel Romea, Jean Pierre Dupuy, Avelina Vidal, Carles Herráiz, José Luis Urquieta, Pedro Pablo-Cámara...

As a performer (soloist, Nou Ensemble, Ex Corde Guitar Quartet) he developes his performing activities focused on contemporary music. He has performed in several festivals and concert halls such as LVII Festival Internacional de Música de Granada, IX Festival Nei Suoni de Luoghi (Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Albania), VII Festival Lent (Slovenia), II Festival Internacional de Música de LLeida, 52 Semana de Música Religiosa de Cuenca, Auditorio Nacional de Música de Madrid, XVIII Jornadas de Música Contemporánea de Segovia, Festival Bernaola 2011, VI Festival Smash, XIV Festival Internacional Zemos98, XIII Escena Contemporánea, XX Festival de Primavera de Salamanca, II Festival Me_mmix.

His work has been recognized by several awards and fellowships: INJUVE 2006 (performance) and 2014 (composition), 68 Concurso Permanente de Juventudes Musicales, Carmelo Bernaola Composition Prize 2009, XVI Semana de Autor SGAE, Fundación Antonio Gala...

In his pedagogical work: Django Reinhardt Guitar Orchestra he is really committed to offer a modern education to the new guitarist generation through improvisation, new guitar techniques and encouraging the use of creativity as the main skill of the future musicians.

Jose Pablo Polo is artistic director of the Madrid Contemporary Music Festival EMA Festival