for two dancers and live electronics, 2021
WP: Festival Escena Patrimonio

for piano and electronics, 2020

for soprano saxophone, video and electronics, 2017.
WP: Hochschule für Musik Basel.
Performer: Pablo González Balaguer

for cassette recorder and guitar pedals, 2017
WP: Cicle Out.Side (Barcelona).
Performer: Jose Pablo Polo

for "conductor-score" and ensemble, 2017.
WP: Auditorio Nacional de Música de Madrid.
Performer: Jose Pablo Polo (conductor) & DRGO

esto no es real
Four conceptual pieces based on texts by Sara Martín [OVERture]
WP: La Juan Gallery (Madrid)

for amplified wall, 2016.
WP: Attacca Festival (Basel)
Performer: Carlota Cáceres

Four for guitar
four performers in one guitar. 2015
WP: Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando (Madrid)
Performer: Cuarteto Ex Corde

Inmaterial Memoria
site-specific sound installation. 2015.
WP: XII Encuentro de Artistas Fundación Amelia Moreno

OFF (piano bloqué)
for turned off digital piano. 2015.
WP: Huddersfield University (St Paul´s Hall, UK).
Performer: Haize Lizarazu
[Video] [Score]

Wall of Fame
for two performers and public webcam. 2014.
WP: Museo Guggenheim. (Bilbao).
Performer: Nou Ensemble

Better out than in
for saxophonist, percussionist and pianist. 2014
WP: 47 Ferienkurse für Neue Musik Darmstadt (Germany).
Performer: Tamgram Trio
[Video] [Score]

for digital metronome, whammy pedal, delay pedal and loop pedal. 2014 (rev.2016)
WP: II Festival Memmix (Palma de Mallorca).
Performer: Jose Pablo Polo

Cycle of pieces based on different preexisting pieces. For tape. 2013 - work in progress.
Doppel [Audio] 15 Inventions [Audio]

for guitarist playing a childsize guitar or guitar finger trainer. 2013
WP: Ciclo de Música y Poesía Lengu´entrebescada (Nave73, Madrid).
Performer: Bertrand Chavarría (Smash Ensemble)

Casa Tomada
Site-specific sound installation, 2013.
WP: XII Jornadas de Intervención Artísitica Scarpia (Spain).
Composers-performers: Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca and Jose Pablo Polo

for reed player without instrument, 2012.
WP: XXXIII Encontre Internacional de Compositors (Mallorca)
Performer: David Romero-Pascual
[Video] [Score]

performance for jack connector, pedals and guitar amplifier, 2012.
WP: Teatro Montacargas (Madrid).
Performer: Jose Pablo Polo

for singer, toy-glockenspiel and child size guitar, 2012.
WP: Espacio Labruc. Performers: Carmen Ávila and Avelina Vidal.

Bunnies and bees
for toy piano, bass clarinet and cello, 2011.
WP: IX Festival de Música Española de Cádiz.
Performers: Taller Sonoro
[Video] [Score]

for solo piano, 2011.
WP: Centro Cultural Paco Rabal (Madrid).
Piano: Jean Pierre Dupuy.

for solo piano, 2011.
WP: Esmuc (Barcelona).
Piano: Haize Lizarazu

for solo guitar, 2010.
WP: Auditorio Nacional de Música de Madrid.
Guitar: Avelina Vidal

for two bassoons, 2009.
WP: Hochschule für Musik Basel. Performers: Miguel Ángel Pérez and Ana Teresa Herrero.

Una bianca inerzia
for 10 voices, 3 percussionists and amplified guitar, 2009.
WP: XIII Ciclo de Música de Cámara Orquesta y Coro Rtve, Teatro Monumental de Madrid.
Performers: Soloists of the RTVE Orchestra, Miguel Romea (conductor).

Re-c/Imágenes de la memoria

for flute, saxo, harp and piano, 2008.
WP: Auditorio Nacional de Madrid. Carmelo Bernaola Composition Prize 2009.
Performers: Melania Martínez, David Pons, Juan Ramón Hernández, Manuel Jesús Corbacho

Fragmentos del horizonte
for guitar and double-bass, 2008.
Recording at the Auditori Enric Granados. Lleida (Spain).
Zobel Duo

sound installation, 2008.
WP: Noche Blanca del Flamenco 2008. Córdoba (Spain).

De la obstinada posibilidad de la luz
for saxophone quartet, 2007.
WP: Auditorio Manuel de Falla RCSMM. Madrid.
Tempus Fugit Quartet.

En el bosque sin hojas
for two sopranos and guitar, 2006.
WP: Fundación Antonio Gala. Córdoba (Spain).
Performers: Carmen Ávila, Claudia Yepes, Avelina Vidal